Transform your concrete porch floor into a beautiful wooden style floor using the Frame-it Flooring System

Frame-It Flooring System

The Frame-It Flooring System is based on a "picture frame" concept. The "picture frame" concept is used to greatly minimize the number of fasteners (e.g., concrete screws) needed to install Composite Decking Material (or CDM) boards directly on a concrete slab. For example, a typical installation of the Frame-It Flooring System may require a total of only about 40-50 screws. Very doable. This video explains.

Uses composite decking material that looks and feels like wood

Can be used in the non-dry environment of a porch

Can be installed directly on an existing concrete surface without adding significant height (just under 1 inch thick)

Can be installed with a small number of fasteners (e.g., about 40 screws)

Maintenance free and easily cleaned - just hose it off

Allows for variable design schemes and color schemes

The Solution

In my mind I thought about the task/problem like this.

  1. find a product that looks and feels like wood as much as possible
  2. whatever that product is, it has to be able to tolerate a wet environment
  3. whatever that product is, it cannot add significant height to the surface of the floor
  4. whatever that product is, it must be suitable to install directly on top of a concrete slab

Well, it turns out that a product immediately came to my mind that satisfies items #1, #2, and #3. A product that I've seen at building supply stores a thousand times. That product is Composite Decking Material (or CDM). CDM is a polymer-based product (essentially plastic) that is designed for building decks. Essentially, CDM is fake boards that will last for years and that don't require regular staining or painting. The CDM "boards" are sized, shaped, colored, and textured to look like wooden boards. The CDM boards come in various colors, like brown tones, gray tones, and red tones. There are several brands of CDM, which you can see at any building supply store or online.

Bad News - Overcome using the Frame-It Flooring System

CDM boards do not satisfy item #4 of my list!

When building a deck, CDM boards are installed using screws, pretty much like wooden boards are installed. In other words, CDM boards are designed to be screwed into another construction piece, like a deck floor joist. No one is going to put 1,000 screws into a concrete slab to install a floor.

Attaching any kind of flooring material to concrete is not easy. Admittedly, indoor hardwood flooring is very commonly glued to concrete. But in an indoor setting the concrete has a very smooth surface and is always dry. Plus, the hardwood backing is designed for glue. Neither is the case in a porch application. The surface of a concrete porch floor is rough and the backing of the CDM boards is not designed for glue, although not impossible.

Thus, I am led back to some kind of fastener, like screws. Screws for concrete are commonly used in construction, so it is very possible. But again no one is going to put 1,000 screws into a concrete slab to install a floor. Hence, the birth of my patented Frame-It Flooring System that enables installation using a very small number of screws!

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